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A Documentary Film: "Zio Ninuccio" (Trailer)

Documentary Film Production: New York City 2014
Carmine Ametrano is one of the few remaining farmer practicing traditional wine-making on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius in southern Italy. It's a technique that goes back to the ancient civilisation of Pompeii. By following Carmine through the course of a year's harvest, this documentary will explore the inherent hard work and beauty of his wine making. Carmine is just a one craftsman whose tradition is in danger of disappearing. This film will act as a representation of all dying traditions across the world.
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Documentary Production

Documentary Film Production: Cape Town 2012
This is a documentary film that I worked with other two film makers in Cape Town, South Africa. (see below) The story follows John McKerry and his waste collection team as they travel through the impoverished township areas of Cape Town. Along their route they stop at waste pickers shacks to collect the recyclables that these pickers have gathered, giving they them cash in return. To some, it's (add apostrophe) a modest recycling project. (I would put a period here.) To others, its a vital means of income-generation in a country where unemployment rates sit at around 50%.

The Larkin Quartet

Commercial Video Production: London 2011
A promotional video for The Larkin Quartet. Variations at St. Anne'so in UK, London 2012.

RFK Compass Sustainable Investing Education

Video Production, New York 2014



A film pitch video


A Short Film : A Man With A Story

Video Produced in Naples, Italy 2012

Solar Roofpod

Fundraising Video Production, New York 2013, We have successfully raised 21,552USD at

Sense of Place, Central Park, New York City

Video Production, New York 2011


Video Production, New York 2011

RFK Compass Sustainable Investing Education

Video Production, New York 2014

A Short Documentary: A Jazzman

This is a short documentary film about a street musician in New York City.



Bad Date 2: MISTAKE


Bad Date 3: TORTURE

The Barber



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